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Early Dismissal Schedules for Inclement Weather


In order to ensure the safety of all of our students and staff, we have implemented two early dismissal schedules:




Brookfield High School will dismiss at 10:30am
Whisconier Middle School will dismiss at 11:00am
Center Elementary School will dismiss at 11:35am
Huckleberry Hill Elementary will dismiss at 11:35am


BrookfieldHigh Schoolwill dismiss at 12:00pm
WhisconierMiddle Schoolwill dismiss at 12:30pm
CenterElementary Schoolwill dismiss at 1:10pm
Huckleberry Hill Elementary will dismiss at 1:10pm

Inclement Weather Message

Brookfield Public Schools has developed a Weather Advisory letter.  The following information will provide you with an overview of the process when schools are delayed or cancelled due to inclement weather. 

As we know,New England weather can be very unpredictable and severe.  When the forecast predicts wintry weather, thousands of area students wish for the coveted "snow day."  At the same time, thousands of parents/guardians are hoping that school will be open as usual. Despite the impact of these opposing forces, area superintendents of schools must ensure that each district meets the state mandated number of school days and school hours in a safe and secure manner even during adverse weather conditions.

The process of making the decision to close or delay school begins well in advance of the announcement on the web-site, radio and television.  Typically, superintendents review weather forecasts the day before the storm and throughout the night.  Between 4:00 and 4:30 a.m., telephone consultations between the superintendents, highway departments, maintenance crews, and police departments determine the status of the weather and roads.  Superintendents consult with their colleagues in the surrounding districts to get a sense of what weather systems exist in the broader area.  If weather, road, and school site conditions warrant, the superintendents will cancel or delay the opening of schools.  Radio and television stations, school bus operators, the school district website, and staff are notified immediately. In addition, an e-news notification is issued. 

Occasionally a delayed opening may become a cancellation if weather conditions worsen rapidly during the early morning.  Every effort will be made to issue the cancellation notice by 6:00 a.m.  Please continue to monitor local radio, district web-site and television stations throughout the day for a cancellation or early dismissal on days when the weather is questionable.  

Many factors are taken into account when assessing conditions impacting the opening, closing or delaying of school.  The primary consideration is the safety of all students. School buses, parents/guardians, students, and staff members must travel on the highways and back roads of the area to get to and from the schools.  Conditions within the towns and surrounding areas may differ dramatically during inclement weather.

In situations where it is predicted that the weather and road conditions will improve during the morning, the opening of schools may be delayed by two hours.  This means that all bus routes and opening schedules will operate two hours later than usual. 

Although early closings are avoided whenever possible, in rare cases it may be necessary to dismiss school early due to unexpected deterioration of weather conditions.  In these situations, an announcement will be issued and schools will be dismissed early. 

Families should have an emergency back-up plan in place in the event of an early closing.  Children should be informed of this plan and parents/guardians should be sure their children understand where to go in the event of an early closing.  Child care arrangements at home or on the same bus route should be made in advance of the early closing day since it will be difficult for the schools to contact every parent/guardian and monitor the whereabouts of every child. On days when the weather is problematic, parents/guardians should stay tuned to the local radio and/or television channel to be aware of early closings.  Since each school has a different procedure for dealing with alternate drop-offs, parent/guardian pick-ups, etc. parents/guardians should follow their child's school procedure.

Please note that when school is cancelled, unless indicated otherwise, all activities and meetings for the day are also cancelled.  The school buildings will be closed. 

The decision to delay, cancel, or dismiss school early is often a difficult one.

Parents/guardians who have questions, special circumstances, or who require additional clarification should contact their school principal.


Anthony J. Bivona 
Superintendent of Schools