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2013 Welcome Back Convocation Speech 

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Anthony J. Bivona
Superintendent of Schools


Thank You Brookfield!

May 19, 2010

The passing of the Town of Brookfield’s budget yesterday, May 18th is a very positive sign that our town elected officials, our Boards of Selectmen, Finance and Education along with our Superintendent of Schools are working together for the best interests of our community. Brookfield is a strong town with many dedicated officials, citizens and employees. This reinvestment in our town government and our schools helps support the already strong foundation of the Brookfield people.

The Brookfield Public Schools is an excellent school district and with your demonstrated, continued support we will be able to reinstate some positions that are critical to support teaching and learning in each of our schools. Many of our students who graduate from our schools, go to fine colleges and have very successful careers. Many of our former students continue to live in Brookfield and contribute to our community as adults and citizens.

Yesterday, many Brookfield citizens exercised their civic responsibility and voted. We thank you for your efforts and interest in reinvesting in Brookfield.


Anthony J. Bivona, Superintendent of Schools



Dear Parents, Guardians, Students, Staff, and Community Members,  

As Superintendent of the Brookfield Public Schools, I am looking forward to another exciting and productive school year.  The new school year brings on a new set of challenges which at times, may appear quite overwhelming. Clearly, we operate in a period of diminished resources, high accountability, with the pressure to continually improve upon student achievement. Despite these most challenging economic times, parents entrust us with the responsibility to provide their children with a high quality education as well as nurturing their talents and keeping them safe. I can assure you that Brookfield’s dedicated staff of professionals is fully committed to ensure all our students achieve high levels of success.

As my third year begins, I continue to be most impressed with the quality of the District staff and their commitment to Brookfield's children. Through my many classroom visits, I have observed enthusiastic faculty, and eager students focused on learning. I continue to be impressed with the high level of our community volunteers and by the support of the parents and community. We continue to implement strategies and initiatives that are proven to increase academic achievement which will ultimately strengthen the quality of our curriculum and programs.  Additionally, measures taken this year will increase school safety in all our schools.  We will embark on the development of a new District Five-Year Strategic Plan which will continue to serve as a guide for the decisions that we make and the priorities that we establish for the future.  We will also continue to provide the community with a series of opportunities to celebrate the accomplishments of our students, staff and community.

Although we are faced with extraordinary and challenging times, I am confident that we will persevere and pull together as a community to ensure that all our students meet their full potential. We will continue to utilize various means of communication with the greater community and showcase the exemplary student and faculty talent of the Brookfield Schools. We must continue to work collaboratively, and support each other to be successful, share in responsibility and commitment to ensure that all students succeed. Brookfield is an outstanding school district and we will continue to work diligently on improving student learning to prepare our students with the skills necessary to be successful for the 21st Century.      

I wish you and your children a very healthy, successful, and productive school year!



Anthony J. Bivona 
Superintendent of Schools