Principal's Message

Welcome to Center School,

What a great pleasure it is to walk into our school every day and greet the children and staff of Center School as they begin their busy days. Anyone who has visited our school knows what a truly special place it is. We work hard to continue to grow and make Center School a place where all children learn the important lessons of early childhood education.

These lessons are varied and broad. They stretch from the social and emotional lessons of making friends, building respect and empathy, developing self-reliance and self-regulation; to the academic lessons of early strategic reading, writing, mathematics, and science; and stretch to include the learning habits and attitudes of problem-solving, persistence, strategizing, communication, exploring, inquiry, and flexible thinking. To bring students these important lessons, in our short time with them, our teachers embed instruction with social/emotional goals, standards-based learning, and developmentally appropriate learning techniques. These are high goals we set for ourselves and we continue to strive as a professional team to improve our practice in order to bring the very best early childhood education to your children.

In our full-day kindergarten program we can offer every child a developmental play time every full-day. Kindergarten students will also benefit by having four days of small group instruction in our unique ELT (Extra Learning Time) when teachers are able to meet with students in small groups based on need. Most importantly, we are pleased to be able to meet the rigor of the new standards-based curriculum without having to sacrifice the hands-on, discovery based learning that we believe benefits young learners.

Our curriculum department has been working hard over the past two years to complete units of study in writing and mathematics. Teachers have been working to refine the implementation of these units and improve the instruction we offer in these areas. We are very proud of our progress and will continue to look forward to ways to enhance instruction.

Finally, we know that we do not do this work alone. Without the generous support of the people of Brookfield and a meaningful partnership with each child’s family we cannot be successful. Open communication is important to us. Please let us know what you are thinking. Volunteer in your child’s classroom, visit for lunch, let your child’s teacher, or me know if you have concerns. Together we can be sure that your child has a solid start on the path to a fine Brookfield Public School education.


Krys Salon, Ed.D

Principal, Center Elementary School