Concussion Education


The CIAC Board of Control at their November 2013 meeting passed a new rule that requires all member schools to educate all student-athletes and their parents on concussions beginning July 1, 2014. The mandatory topics that must be covered include the following:

  • the recognition of signs and symptoms of concussion
  • the means of obtaining proper medical treatment for a person suspected of sustaining a concussion
  • the nature and risks of a concussion, including the danger in continuing to engage in athletic activity after sustaining a concussion
  • the proper procedures for allowing a student who has sustained a concussion to return to athletic activity
  • current best practices in the prevention and treatment of concussion

Further, CIAC also requires that all student-athletes and their parents must sign an informed consent form developed by the school that attests they are aware of the signs and symptoms of concussion and return-to-play requirements.

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