I - GOAL: The goal of this class is to produce a quality SCINTILLA Yearbook. This entails running a profitable business.

II - GRADING: Following is an outline of exactly how you will be graded in this course. There are certain fundamental skills that all students must learn in order to fully contribute to the success of the yearbook. Therefore, each student must be conversant in all areas of the Yearbook's production from ad sales to layout and from photography to copy (stories, captions, surveys, etc.).

It has been determined that the Yearbook cannot be created without the staff contributing extra hours during or after school. In order to be as fair as possible, the minimum amount of extra hours required are outlined below and will give weight to your grade.

Ad Sales: - 20% If student achieves goal - grade equals a B+, grade lowered if student misses goal, grade raised if student exceeds goal). No Ad Sales = 0%. This grade includes general business skills such as promotion, record keeping, organization, follow through and meeting deadlines.

Quizzes - 20% There will be a number of quizzes given, primarily in the beginning of the semester. For each area of the Yearbook we cover, a small quiz will follow. Most material will come directly from your class notes... SO TAKE NOTES!

Extra Hours - 10%  Each student must put in a minimum of 5 extra hours during or after school, during each semester. Grade will be raised or lowered from a B+ depending on hours above or below that goal. It is your responsibility to sign in order to receive credit for these hours. 

Photographs - 10% Each student is required to contribute 5 pictures per week towards the overall success of the Yearbook.

Participation, Behavior and Product - 40%  Each student must contribute fully in order to make this yearbook a success. The amount of work and effort you contribute will be assessed on a regular basis.


"A person's life at any given point is a result of that person's actions". Harry Wong. First Days of School.

The following rules are posted in the classroom. It is expected that these simple rules will be adhered to:

  1. Be on time/leave on time (No leaving the classroom early or congregating in the hall!)
  2. Be polite and respectful
  3. Take care of the materials and supplies
  4. Clean up after yourself
  5. No talking during instruction/demonstration

I will not permit anyone to do anything that interferes with someone else who's trying to learn. If you chose to break/ignore a rule, you may expect the following consequences:

1st Offense - Verbal warning

2nd Offense - After-school, "cleaning" detention

3rd Offense - A call home and a directed research

Supplies: One subject notebook (with a pocket for handouts).

I am available for consultation or assistance after school. Please check to see which day would work best for both of us. I can be reached through the main office at (203) 775-7725 or Casey Mecca.