A / B Schedule Information

Brookfield High School
Daily Schedule
A/B Block Schedule
Lunch Option 1

Period Duration Start End
1 83 7:15 8:38
2 83 8:43 10:06
3 Lunch/Flex 24 10:11 10:35
4 Flex/Lunch 24 10:39 11:04
5 83 11:09 12:32
6 83 12:37 2:00

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Background: the decision to change

The daily schedule, which we had at BHS for 10 years, provided eight 45-minute classes each day. This posed several significant problems, many of which were identified during our New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) Accreditation Visit in October, 2007.

One of the problems with that schedule is the hectic pace of every day. With eight 45-minute classes every day, it is difficult for teachers and students to delve into materials in order to generate deep understanding.  

Additionally, with the addition of a new, state-of-the-art science wing, all science classrooms are equipped with 21st Century technology. In our current schedule, however, there is insufficient time to set-up, conduct an experiment, and reflect upon the results in a class period.    

After our NEASC visit in 2007, a group of faculty members met several times to discuss scheduling options and how to improve our use of time throughout the day.  As a result of these conversations, several options were developed and presented to students, staff, parents, and the Board of Education. This conversation took us into the summer of 2008, and we resumed our efforts in the fall.  

When we returned for this school year, a faculty committee continued the scheduling discussions and progressed forward. After reviewing our priorities, examining research, visiting schools, and discussing options, the “A/B Block Schedule” was selected as our schedule for the future.

The Process: two years of study…

Early in the process, the staff at BHS identified essential priorities in a new schedule. These priorities include:

  • Extended time for authentic, problem-based activities and assessments  
  • Elimination of the conflicts caused by science labs (periodic double periods) and other classes
  • Reduction of time spent in the hallways during “passing periods” and more time in classes
  • Increased time for teachers to collaborate in order to improve instruction and align curriculum  
  • Increased instructional hours for students
  • Provision of time for an advisee-advisor programs that ensure each student has a personalized educational experience at BHS
  • Access to our entire program of studies for all students by reducing conflicts
  • Integration of guidance and school-to-career services into the schedule

The A/B Block Schedule provides these advantages, and more, for our students.

An improved approach to teaching & learning
A view of schools across the state and nation reveals that there is no “perfect” schedule that will suit the needs of every high school. Instead, it is the responsibility of each school to identify the schedule that will best meet the needs of that school community.

As we searched for the right schedule for Brookfield High School, we engaged in a thorough process. By questioning, researching, discussing, experimenting, and questioning again, we looked at various schedules and weighed advantages over disadvantages for each one. As a result of these efforts, we selected the A/B Block Schedule to be implemented at BHS in the fall of 2009.

By selecting the A/B Block Schedule, the BHS school community made a significant commitment to do whatever it takes to help all students succeed now and in the future. As part of this decision, the following advantages were identified:

  • Increased opportunities for a wide variety of instructional strategies in all classrooms
  • Increased time for authentic, problem based assessments
  • Appropriate time necessary to teach all students 21st Century Skills
  • Maximum of four preparations per day for students
  • Laboratory sessions for all science classes
  • More course options with fewer conflicts
  • Less time spent between classes during passing times
  • Increased instructional hours for students