Brookfield High School Class of 2018 Graduation Events:

Student caps and gowns will be distributed to students, prior to the Grad Walk, at 11:45 AM on June 21st.  They will only be given to students have who have fulfilled all outstanding financial and school property obligations.  To participate in the Grad Walk and the Graduation Ceremony, students must wear the school issued cap and gown. If a student does not receive their cap and gown on June 21st they will be distributed on June 22nd at Graduation Rehearsal.  Staff will be on hand on June 21st to collect outstanding obligations or money to reimburse for missing items.

Grad Walk - June 21, 2018, starting at 11:45 AM in the BHS Auditorium (click this link for information about the Grad Walk) 

Graduation Rehearsal - June 22, 2018, starting at 8:30 AM at the O’Neill Center (click this link for more information about Graduation Rehearsal)

Graduation Ceremony - June 23, 2018, starting at 5:30 PM (students arrive by 5:00 PM) at the O'Neill Center (click this link for more information about the Graduation Ceremony) 

Grad Party - June 23, 2018, starting at 10:30 PM at Brookfield High School

Important Graduation Party Information for Parents of Seniors - The Grad party committee is committed to keeping Graduates safe and having fun on Graduation night. As a long standing tradition, we have planned an all-night, SELF-FUNDED party to celebrate the commencement of our students in Brookfield. We rely on the contributions and donations of our community to fund the party for materials, food, entertainment and gifts. Underclassmen families are more than welcome to donate.

We meet usually  the 1st Monday of each month, in the BHS cafeteria.  Meeting dates for 2017-18 are as follows:

September  11    /    October 2    /    November 6    /    December 4    /    January 8

February 5    /    March 5    /    April 2    /    May 7    /    June 4

The Grad Party OPEN HOUSE will be  determined at a later date.

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED!!! Visit for sign up.

For the most updated and comprehensive information about the BHS Grad Party, as well as photos, forms and how you can help, please visit our website

Parents: You will receive a packet of information in the mail. Please complete the Contribution form, Memory Lane form and Graduation Lawn Sign form at your EARLIEST convenience (or print out the forms from and return with Payment to:

Brookfield High School

45 Long Meadow Hill Road, Brookfield, CT 06804


Any questions, please contact Lori Peck!

Preview of last years theme. It is really spectacular.

2017 Grad Party