Fine Arts

Art courses are designed to give students the opportunity to explore and develop their interests in the visual arts. We suggest that any student who plans a career in art take as many courses in art as possible.

All students who are interested in performing arts can choose to be in general chorus, marching band, color guard or concert band. Special chorus and jazz ensemble are select groups which require an audition for membership. Other music course offerings music are non-performing courses dealing with a variety of musical subject matter. Any student who plans a career in music take as many music courses in high school as possible.

Staff Contacts


Art Teacher

(203) 775-7725 ext. 4103

Music Teacher

(203) 775-7725 ext. 4202

Art Teacher

(203) 775-7725 ext. 4401

Music Teacher

(203) 775-7725 ext. 4201