Scholarships provide students with money for their higher education that does not need to be repaid. Students can earn scholarships for a variety of reasons, and from many sources:

1. Local Scholarships - Local scholarships are listed in our Scholarship Google document and Naviance (Colleges → Scholarships and Money → Scholarship List). The same scholarships are listed in both places, but the Scholarship Google document allows students to learn about each scholarship without having to click on separate links. Students should regularly check these lists, as more scholarships are added all the time, especially during the second semester.

2. Colleges/Universities - The bulk of scholarship money comes from colleges and universities. Many colleges automatically review students for scholarship eligibility when they apply, but students should also look at a college’s website or reach out to the Financial Aid Office to inquire about any other scholarships for which students are not automatically considered.

3. National/International Scholarships - The following websites can be used to search for scholarships:

4. Family & Business Connections - Ask family members and family friends if they are associated with any businesses, organizations, or associations that provide scholarships for which you may be eligible. If you are employed part-time, inquire with your employer about possible scholarships.

For more information on financial aid and funding your college education, go to the Financial Aid section of our website.