Websites for Review

Spanish – Recommended resources for review

Vocabulary And Grammar

Spanish – Ven Conmigo Level 1 – 3 Texts / SP 1 – SP4 Academic & SP1 – SP3 Honors

Go to this site and practice your vocabulary by book and chapter or by theme Crosswords, Word Search, Hangman

Grammar – All Levels

Use the guidelines for your level. Use the Grammar tab and select the topic. Take quiz a. or b. Check your answers too!

Vocabulary / Grammar / Listening / Reading – All Levels

Practice activities or practice exams.

Spanish 1 - 3 should use levels 1 and 2; Spanish 2H – AP should use levels 1 - 4

Countries & Capitols

Listening And Reading​ for all levels

Spanish – All Levels of Study (Sp 1 – 5) Destinos Video

People Magazine - All Levels / Spanish – Read the Magazine about the Stars (en Español)

Listening Podcasts – Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Using iTunes you can listen to Authentic Spanish conversations for approximately 10 minute pod casts.

Spanish 1 – 3

Talk Spanish – BBC Mundo: A lively video introduction to Spanish in ten short parts. Try your hand at these online topics with video and activities.

BBC - Spanish Steps is an online beginner’s course in practical, spoken Spanish. Includes shopping, buying a ticket, ordering tapas, meeting people, using a cash machine, grammar tips, vocabulary list.

BBC – Sueños - World Spanish. Includes TV transcripts from the associated learn Spanish TV series, & key language / vocabulary notes. Set in Spain & Latin America, subjects include sightseeing, study & work, food shopping, buying things...

Required Activities

Spanish 4H – Required

Print and complete the exercises on the website for Units 8 & 9. These units include a review of the subjunctive. A section of the first quiz will also include the subjunctive

Spanish 5H – Required

Notes in Spanish – Intermediate to Advanced Level Podcasts

  • Escuchar los ‘pod casts’ Intermediate # 15, #19 y Advanced #77
  • Escuchar lo necesario para llenar las actividades

Spanish 6 H AP – Required

Seleccionar 4 videos de BBC Mundo –

Escucha cada uno y prepara un resumen siguiendo la guía del ‘packet’.

Guía para los videos de bbcmundo 

  • Escuchar cada video dos o tres veces 
  • Escribe el titulo del video y la fecha 
  • Escribe un resumen en tus propias palabras de cada video (5 o 6 frases) 

Es mejor de tratar de escuchar un video cada 2 semanas.

Italian Recommended Review

Learn Italian Vocabulary

The Italian Language - Learn about the Italian language, grammar, vocabulary and culture.

Italian podcasts – You can get intermediate and advanced pod casts from this site too.

BBC – Languages – Italian

University of Victoria Canada: Supplementary grammar and vocabulary activities for Italian level 1 - 3


La grammatica italiana - You will find here explanations of the basic structures of Italian grammar, as well as many exercises through which you can practice what you have learned.

Make your own flashcards.

Languages online!

French – Recommended Websites for Review

Grammar and Vocabulary from the textbook website:

Tex’s French Grammar:

Extra Listening / Reading Practice
Recommended by the American Association of Teachers of French (AATF); has real-time news, pod casts and general interest (culture, fashion, cuisine, etc.) features. Online video reports available in French and English versions (students can switch back and forth with a mouse click!).
Listening comprehension exercises for all levels with sound files, study guides and short quizzes (as well as transcripts/translations as needed).
Popular French TV channel’s French learning site Interactive features with short video clips on a range of subjects and levels, with mini-quizzes right below them so that students receive immediate feedback re: their understanding of the material presented.
Audio and text of a podcast written several times a week by a French woman living in Paris in which she describes adventures in her daily life.
From BBC news organization, a website linking to many different French learning resources and news stories.