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About Brookfield Public Schools

The Brookfield Public School District is comprised of four schools.  Historically, the district has grown from eight small individual districts, the first established in 1808, to one large district with approximately two thousand eight hundred students.

Center Elementary School (CES), built in 1938, is the oldest building in the school system and the only completely wooden school building left in Connecticut.  CES has undergone several renovations, the latest of which was completed in 1997, adding 20 classrooms and other interior facilities.  It presently houses pre- kindergarten, kindergarten and first grade.

Huckleberry Hill Elementary School (HHES) contains the programs for grades two through four.  Built in 1965, HHES also went through a significant renovation, which was completed in 1993.  

Whisconier Middle School (WMS) was originally conceived as an elementary school but now serves 850 students in grades five through eight.  It went through a major expansion program which was completed in 2001.

The Long Meadow Hill School originally built in 1959 became Brookfield High School (BHS), and graduated its first class in 1967.  BHS recently underwent a renovation that added twelve new classrooms and a complete reconfiguration of the existing structure. The current enrollment in BHS is 917 students.

Annually over 90% of the high school graduates continue with education. SAT scores and performance on state assessments are well above Connecticut and national averages. The district is committed to ongoing curriculum and instructional improvements and our staff benefit from high quality professional development opportunities. Parents and community partnerships are very important contributors to our students’ success.