Arrival & Dismissal

Center Elementary School – Drop-Off Procedures

Kindergarten and first grade students not taking the bus and being driven to school may be dropped off between 8:30 am and 8:40 am. It is VERY important that students arrive to school on time. Kindergarten and first grade students dropped off after 8:50 am are tardy.

When dropping off students please enter the school parking lot on the right side (when facing the building). Proceed around the back of the building until you get to the side door marked: Stop-Student Drop Off where a staff member will be waiting to let your child out of the car. (For safety reasons it is very important that children are seated behind the driver. We will not take children out of the vehicle if they are not on the driver’s side, but will ask you to park your car and come into the building to drop off your child.)

When exiting the parking lot please keep in mind that school buses have the right of way. If buses are waiting to exit the parking lot, you may be signaled by a staff member to stop at the end of the curb.

It is important to remember that parents/guardians who are dropping off their children should not park the car and walk them in unless it is after 8:40 am. Students arriving after 8:40 am must be brought into the building and signed in. Students are marked tardy at 8:50 am. Students arriving to school on time should follow the drop-off procedures as outlined above.

Pre-school students should be dropped off between 8:40-8:45 am. Parents/guardians of preschoolers who are dropping off their children should stay in their cars. School staff will take your child out of your car. This helps to keep the traffic flow moving and enables us to get students into school in a safe and timely manner.

Center Elementary School – Pick-Up Procedures

All changes to a student’s dismissal plan for that day must be in writing, should come with the student in the morning, and be given to the student’s teacher.

All notes should include:

  • Date
  • Student’s Full Name
  • Student’s Teacher Name
  • Change to the Dismissal Plan
  • Parent/Guardian Signature

Please note that CES does not permit a change in the student’s bus, or bus stop unless it is a permanent day care change.

A student must have a note each day/date they are staying after school for an activity.

Any person picking up a student at the school should be prepared to show a photo ID to a staff member prior to signing for the student.

End of School Day (3:25 pm) Parent Pick Up:

If a student is being picked up at a time other than the regular dismissal times , they may be picked up in the office before 3:00 pm.

If a student is being picked up at the 3:25 pm dismissal time:

  • Students may be picked up by driving around the back of the building beginning at 3:20 pm. The gate opens at 3:10 pm.
  • If a note does not come to school with the student in the morning, it must be received in the office by 2:00 pm
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