Attendance Protocol

The state of Connecticut has redefined its policy regarding student absences. It has specifically defined what will be termed an excused and unexcused absence. These definitions are explained in the Parent Handbook.  In order to comply with this policy and excuse the absence, we must now request that parents/guardians:

  • Notify the CES office that your child will not be in school by emailing  If you fail to notify the office before 9:15 am, you will receive an automated phone call notifying you that your child is not in school.
  • Send a note every time a student is not in school. The note sent in upon the student’s return should state the student’s name, date of absence, and reason for the absence.  Emails will not be accepted for this purpose. 

Absences 1 through 9 are excused with a note from a parent/guardian.  Please refer to the district policy below for specific information pertaining to ecused absences.   After the ninth absence if the reason for the absence is illness, parents should also provide a doctor’s note stating the medical necessity of the absence. The absence will then be recorded as excused.  Please refer to the Parent Handbook for additional information.