Scientifically Research Based Instruction

Dear Families,

You may have heard that Connecticut has recently adopted a new mandate regarding early intervention for all students. This initiative is referred to as R.T.I. though Connecticut has developed it as S.R.B.I. “Scientifically Research Based Instruction.” In July, 2009 S.R.B.I. became a state mandate requiring each school district in Connecticut to have a systematic approach for implementation of support. S.R.B.I. is a general education, comprehensive and systematic approach to assessing and instructing students; an emphasis is placed on students whose progress indicates a need for intervention. The goal is to provide a seamless structure of instruction/intervention so all students experience continuous growth. S.R.B.I. provides early intervention for general education students in need of academic or behavioral support. Connecticut’s S.R.B.I. plan is based on a three tier model of intervention. For a complete explanation of the three tier model follow this link to the Connecticut S.R.B.I. framework online: 

Currently, the Brookfield Public Schools has a S.R.B.I. coordinator, Julie Vaughan, who is working closely with administration and staff to ensure that this initiative is successfully implemented into each building. For more information on this topic please visit:

Please contact us with any questions.

Dr. Salon and Mrs. Dymond
CES Principal and HHES Principal