At Center School we believe that all children entering our kindergarten are capable of growing and learning with the proper support and nurturing. We understand that children learn, grow, and develop at different rates and in different ways. We continually seek new ways to reach the needs of all learners in developmentally appropriate ways.

Using developmentally appropriate practice means that we introduce children to new challenges as they are individually ready. It also means that we provide students with adequate time to practice new skills before moving them on to further learning. Developmentally appropriate practice includes constant monitoring of students' progress through academic and social/emotional stages of growth.

The kindergarten program at Center School is designed to use developmentally appropriate practices to reach the Common Core State Standards and Connecticut State Standards in literacy, mathematics, social studies, and science. Development in fine motor development, gross motor, and social emotional skills are also included in our kindergarten day.

Structures commonly used in our kindergarten classrooms to achieve our goals include: centers, developmental play, reading and writing workshop, small group work, shared reading, interactive writing, interactive reading, and morning meeting.

For more information about specific curriculum areas and maps, visit the Center School Curriculum website.