Mission & Goals


It is the mission of the Education Access Channel 17 to provide information to the citizens of Brookfield in a timely manner about educational and community issues, in order to expand the opportunity for greater public involvement in local education. In the process, educational opportunities for school children shall be made available.


It is the goal of Education Access Channel 17 to:

  • Provide parents and citizens with timely announcements of upcoming activities and events in the schools;
  • Provide programming which documents the talents and achievements of Brookfield students;
  • Provide programming to inform local citizens of the operations and activities of the Board of Education;
  • Provide local citizens with increased access to education meetings and events through live and recorded programming;
  • Produce and transmit other educational programs of interest and value to local residents;
  • Provide instructional opportunities for local public school students; and
  • Provide programming to increase information available to citizens and educate them about government issues.