2018-2019 Budget


2018-2019 Board of Education's Adopted Budget- Presented to the Boards of Selectmen and Finance on Tuesday, February 6, 2018 

Section 1-  2017-2018 Board Members
                  Board of Education Chairman Transmittal Letter
Section 2:  Board of Education's 2018-2019 Budget Presentation to the Boards of Selectmen and Finance- 2/6/18
Section 3:  NOTE
                  Budget Summary Analysis  
                  Budget Summary
                  Details of Budget Estimate
                  Budget Adjustments
Section 4:  Teachers' Salary Matrix, Teachers' Salaries by Step & Level
                  Teachers' Roster
                  Administrators' Salaries & Roster
Section 5:  Occupational/Physical Therapists/Health & Student Safety Staff
                  Clerical, Secretarial & Computer Tech
                  Custodians/Mechanics & Custodial Supervisor
                  Lunch Monitors
Section 6:  Enrollment Report
                  Class Size Report
                  ELL Report
                  Special Services Case Load Report
Section 7:  Capital Improvement Plan Spreadsheet
                  18-19 CIP Backup
Section 8:  Grants
                  BOE Grants & Other Funding Sources- Glossary

BOE 2018-2019 Adopted Budget Summary Letter- 1/18/18

2018-2019 Budget Book from the Superintendent's Proposed Budget- Presented December 6, 2017

2018-2018 Budget Assumptions and Priorities

Section 1- Introduction- 2017-2018 Board Members
Section 2- Superintendent Barile's 2018-2019 Proposed Budget Power Point Presentation
Section 3- 2018-2019 Budget Summary
                 2018-2019 Details of Budget Estimate
Section 4- Teachers & Administrators- Salaries and Rosters
Section 5- Classified Staff- Salaries and Rosters
Section 6- Reports
                 Enrollment Report
                 Class Size Report
                 ELL Report
                 Special Services Case Load Report
                 BOE Grants and Other Funding Sources- GLOSSARY