2020-2021 Proposed Budget

Brookfield Board of Education 20-21 Budget Proposal PowerPoint Presentation to the BOS & BOF 2/13/2020

Video: Joint Board of Education, Board of Selectman, Board of Finance Budget Workshop 2/13/2020

Board of Education Budget Discussions, Presentations, and Adoption

Video 1/22/2020 Board of Education Meeting w/ Budget Discussion & Adoption

Superintendent's Updated Proposed Spending Plan PowerPoint Presentation- 1/8/2020

Video: 1/8/2020 Board of Education Meeting w/ Budget Discussion

Video: 12/18/2019 Board of Education Meeting w/ Budget Discussion

2020-2021 Superintendent's Spending Plan

Video: 12/4/19 Board of Education Meeting w/ Budget Presentation 

Section 1- Introduction

Section 2- Superintendent's Budget Presentation

Section 3- Details of Expenditure Budget Request Analysis

Section 4- Teachers' and Administrators' - Salaries & Rosters

Section 5- Classified Staff - Salaries & Rosters

Section 6- Reports

Section 7- Capital

Section 8- Grants