Supplemental Learning Resources During COVID-19 Shutdown

The teachers and administrators of the Brookfield Publics Schools have put together a selection of resources to support students’ supplemental learning during the time that schools are closed as a result of our current public health crisis ras a result of the COVID-19 situation. These supplemental learning resources include some district resources related to the digital curricular tools used in mathematics, literacy and other subject areas. Other resources include a variety of vetted websites available free to the public. Some may require parent/guardian sign-up. While use of these resources is not mandatory and will not be graded, engaging in the use of the resources provided is recommended.

You may have heard/seen discussions about the concept of distance learning during prolonged absences online or in personal conversations. At this time the Connecticut State Department of Education has strongly discouraged districts from utilizing this approach due to concerns over instructional consistency (especially in the early grades), equity of access to learning experiences, disruption of special education services, and multiple employee contractual issues. The district administrative team will continue, during this school closing, to seek ways to provide supplemental education to our students. Should we be able to utilize a distance learning model in the event of a prolonged closure, we will notify parents, students, and staff members of how this will be implemented.

If you have any questions regarding the use of the resources, please email your students’ building principal who will either respond to your question directly or refer your question to the appropriate individual for a response.

Thank you in advance for your support and cooperation. The most important thing to all of us at the Brookfield Public Schools during this time is the health and safety of everyone in our community, students, families, and staff.

Please utilize this page as resources for learning activities during the COVID-19 shutdown.  
These resources will be updated regularly or as necessary.

Brookfield High School - Supplemental Learning Resources

Whisconier Middle School - Supplemental Learning Resources

Huckleberry Hill Elementary School & Center Elementary School - Supplemental Learning Resources