Medication at School

In accordance with sections 10-212a-1 through 10-212a-7 of Connecticut’s Public Health Code and Brookfield Board of Education policies, the school nurse is able to administer medication to students.  Medication orders and permissions are only for the current school year.  All orders and permissions need to be renewed each year.  Medications cannot be stored over the summer; therefore any medication not picked up at the end of the school year will be disposed of.

Permission for the administration of acetaminophen, Ibuprofen, antacid and Cepacol (sore throat spray or lozenge) needs to be completed on the Parent Portal digital locker as part of the Annual Health Update or you may download the Annual Health Update Form here.

Prescription and Nonprescription Medications to be given at school Requires:

  1. A written and signed order form by a licensed prescriber (download Prescription and Nonprescription Medication Form here).
  2. A parent or guardian signature on the form.
  3. An adult MUST deliver medication to the clinic.  Students are NOT permitted to carry medication to and from school.
  4. Medication must be in its original container with the pharmacy label attached.

Self Carry Medications:

A student may self administer medication (ie inhaler, Epipen, insulin) only with the written authorization of the prescriber and parent/guardian, the situation is deemed safe by the school nurse, the principal and appropriate staff are notified and the medication is transported and maintained under the student’s control.  Download Self Carry Inhaler Form here or Self Carry Epipen Form here.