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This page will be continually updated with district-wide and school communications, information, resources, and more related to COVID-19 and the district's response.  

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March 13, 2020
Good afternoon everyone.
I write with the first of many updates that will be forthcoming as we move forward through this very serious time.
Many of you have expressed your concern regarding April Vacation.
The District has been awaiting clarification from the Commissioner of Education regarding Governor Lamont’s executive order to waive the 180 school day requirement.
The April Vacation will not be touched.
Due to the Governor’s executive order issued on March 12, 2020, any make up days mentioned on the District’s School Calendar for 19-20 no longer apply.
The District is working under the assumption that we will add as many make up days as possible through June 30th. Please plan accordingly.
Stay healthy and safe,
Dr. Barile


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Public Health Update Posted 3/10/2020

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March 11, 2020

Dear Brookfield Families, Faculty and Staff,

I write to update you regarding the school district’s planning and precautionary measures regarding COVID-19 preparedness. We are experiencing an unprecedented public health situation, as conditions and measures continue to rapidly change across the state, including Governor Lamont’s recent declaration of a state of public health emergency. My goal is to keep you accurately updated and well informed. The decisions that need to be made will be inconvenient and disappointing for all.  We need to support one another as we proceed through this unchartered territory.

I have been informed by the Brookfield Health Department that there currently are no positive cases of COVID-19 in town.  Additionally, at this time, there are no plans to close the Brookfield Public Schools. However, this Friday, March 13, 2020 and on Wednesday March 18, 2020 we will have an early dismissal following the PLC dismissal schedule. The purpose of closing early is twofold: 1) it will afford our custodial team time to perform additional cleaning, and 2) the faculty will be developing a menu of self-directed, grade and subject appropriate learning resources for students to access should we have to close school for an extended period of time.  

The following actions are being taken by the School District:

Communication and Information Sharing

We will continue to provide updates through School Messenger, Facebook, and under the “News” section on the main page of the district website.

The district is also setting up an email address for parents to ask additional questions related to the impact of COVID-19 response in Brookfield Public Schools.  Please email questions to [email protected].  We will do our best to answer your questions in a timely manner.

Cleaning Our Schools

We continue to pay extra attention to the following areas:

  • Increased cleaning of high touch areas (desks, tables, door knobs, railings, etc.)

  • Increasing the frequency of disinfecting beyond the regular cleaning routine

  • Training updates for the custodial team, specifically regarding COVID-19 cleaning protocols, have been conducted

Personal Hygiene/Care

  • Handwashing is scheduled for students before lunch, after using the bathroom, when they return from outside the building, and when teachers deem necessary (K-4)

  • Reinforcing handwashing with students, keeping hand sanitizer available in the cafeteria entrances and other high traffic areas (5-12). Thank you Girl Scout Troop #50777 for providing all of our schools with the hand sanitizing dispensers!

  • K-12 teachers have talked to all students about handwashing, hygiene, best practices per CDC recommendations

District/School/Community Events

  • All events are suspended through April 30, 2020: While such postponement or even cancelation of trips will be disheartening, our priority is to protect the health and wellbeing of our students and staff.

  • Per recommendations from the Governor and CT Commissioner of Education we are limiting nonacademic, school sponsored events and gatherings.  The strategy is known as social distancing which is intended to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Social distancing is a term used by public health officials to stop or slow the spread of viruses by limiting social interactions.  The State of Connecticut strongly recommends that school districts cancel or reschedule any events with over 100 people, especially those that involve members of the public outside of our regular school population. Therefore, like many of our surrounding school districts, we will be postponing or cancelling many upcoming events.

Why are we limiting school events, but not closing schools? This recommendation is being made because there is an abundance of evidence that indicates that children are not affected by the virus in the same way as the at-risk adult population. In ours schools we are able to monitor the overall health of our students and ensure prevention protocols are properly followed. To the contrary, we are unable to extend monitoring and prevention to other community members attending school events, such as parents, grandparents, or community members with underlying health conditions or who may have traveled to high risk areas.  Therefore, the following precautions will be implemented immediately:

  • All outside agencies who have activities scheduled in our schools will be cancelled such as parks & recreation and other organizations. In school, afterhours childcare provided by our RESC will be maintained.

  • Volunteer activities and parent lunch visits will be suspended at this time.

  • Building administrators will communicate with their school’s students, parents and staff regarding specific school events, athletics, etc.

Field Trips

  • We are suspending/postponing all field trips and staff professional travel (conferences, meeting attendance, professional learning) until further notice. 

  • Faculty and Administration in charge of field trips will provide specific information to affected students, staff and parents

Student Travel Within Community

  • We are suspending activities. This includes students traveling to and participating in work study or other community related school experiences outside the buildings.

Parent/Teacher Conferences

  • Upcoming parent-teacher conferences will not be conducted in person. Parent-teacher conferences will be conducted by phone as scheduled. Teachers will initiate the phone call to parents at the previously scheduled time.

Water Bottles

  • While water fountains are disinfected each day, we encourage students to bring in personal water bottles.

Whitson’s Food Service

  • Increased frequency of sanitation practices in each school kitchen is ongoing. All locations are using a surface sanitizer recommended by the Center of Biocide Chemistry for effective use on preventing Novel Coronavirus. This is a robust solution which kills pathogens.

  • All Food Service Staff will continue to follow standard food safety and sanitation practices to ensure the food that we are serving is safe and wholesome for consumption.


  • All transportation providers are disinfecting vehicles each day.

Out of Country Travel/Cruises

  • No school trips are scheduled for outside of the country

  • If you have returned from a trip out of country or cruise, you are to contact the Brookfield Health Department immediately with said information so that they can follow up with you and your family. This precaution is necessary to protect all of us and we plead that you act in good faith with CDC self-quarantine protocols.

Possible School Closure

  • As stated above there is no plan to close school at this time. However, we are developing contingency plans in real time should such action be necessary. To that end, in preparation for necessary contingencies and additional cleaning of buildings, schools will operate on an early dismissal/PLC schedule on Friday afternoon, March 13th and Wednesday afternoon, March 20th.

  • Any additional closing decision will be made in concert with state and local health officials

Learning Opportunities If School Is Closed

Faculty and administration are working to develop a menu of self-directed, grade and subject appropriate learning resources. These resources will be available to students and families in the event of an unscheduledextended school closing. The resources will be intentionally selected and designed to provide optional, engaging opportunities for students to practice and maintain their skills. The resources will include opportunities for students to use some district adopted curricular tools, websites, apps, and links to teacher developed materials.

The intention of providing these learning opportunities/resources is not to replace teacher instruction that is normally provided during a school day. Rather, we want to provide all students with learning resources that have been selected by their teachers that will reinforce and extend student learning during any unplanned school closure. While the learning resources suggestions are not mandatory, our goal is to support our self-navigating learners during time out of school.

As these are optional activities, there is no grading involved. School days that are necessarily cancelled due to the COVID-19 situation will, in accordance with state law, need to be made up in June or be taken from April vacation. The State Department of Education will not, at this time, grant waivers for days out of school until districts have convened for 180 days. Teachers will not be “working” during any school closure.

For students who need access to the Internet or a device, the district will work with families to ensure access and a device are available, in the event of an extended school closing. If you are in need of either access or a device, please fill out this Google form. You will be contacted by the technology department with information for picking up devices should an extended school closure occur. Note, a minimal closure of less than five days will not trigger issuance of devices.

Talking to Your Children

Next Steps

We continue to monitor conditions and adjust according to changing guidelines and circumstances. Anyone who is ill or feeling symptomatic should remain at home and contact your primary physician/child’s pediatrician.  Please reinforce with your children the CDC prevention measures (Centers for Disease Control). Handwashing and use of hand sanitizers is still a primary means of maintaining a healthy environment. Also, if your child does test positive for flu please report it to the school nurse.

We understand these are trying times, which can produce anxiety and fear. While we completely understand these feelings, we need the public’s support to provide a healthy and stable environment for our students, staff and the greater community.

Thank you for your support and patience as we continue to provide accurate and timely information regarding actions and plans.

Again, we will continue to provide updates through School Messenger, Facebook, and under the “News” section on the main page of the district website.

The district is also setting up an email address for parents to ask additional questions related to the impact of the COVID-19 response in Brookfield Public Schools.  Please email questions to [email protected].  In this way, you will have accurate information, rather than second-hand information obtained from social media sites not associated with the District.


Dr. John W. Barile