COVID-19 District News & Communications


Date Sent

Update Q-1: Governor Lamont’s Executive Order 14 & Quarantine Learning

Update P-1: Bus Driver Shortage (possible impact this week)9/26/2021
Update O-1: Updated Quarantine Protocol For Return to School9/26/2021
Update N-1: CSDE/DPH- Addendum #5 9/20/2021
Update M-1:  A Note From Your School Nurse8/23/2021

Update L-1: Chromebook & Device Information for 21-22 School Year

Update K-1: Mask Wearing Update 8/16/20218/16/2021
Update J-1: Opening Plan for the 2021-2022 School Year    6/1/2021
Update I-1 Required Chromebook Collection5/27/2021
Update H-1 CSDE Universal Mask Policy5/24/2021

Update G-1: CDC Mask Wearing


Update F-1: 12-15-Year-Old Vaccine Clinics

Update E-1: Pfizer-BioNTech Vaccine for 12-15 year olds/5/8/2021

Update D-1: Remote Learning Next Year

Update C-1: Changing Status from Remote to In Person5/6/2021
Update B-1: BHS Student Vaccine Clinic4/21/2021
Update A-1: Travel Advisory3/30/2021
Update Z: COVID Notification Change3/12/2021
Update Y: Travel Reminder2/12/2021
Update X: Mitigation Reminders- 2/4/20212/4/2021
Update W: Remote/Hybrid Wednesday Schedule1/21/2021
Update V: Welcome Back to In Person Learning!1/12/2021
Update U: Arrival and Dismissal Times1/11/2021
Update T: Return to 100% In Person K-8/Hybrid 9-1212/22/2020

Update S: Inclement Weather/Snow Days/Remote Learning

Update R: Continuation of Remote Learning12/2/2020
Update Q: NEW COVID-19 Dashboard11/20/2020
Update P: BPS Transition to Remote Learning11/17/2020

Update O: BHS Transition to Remote

Update N: Western CT Joint Superintendent Message11/16/2020
Update M: K-12 Hybrid Learning Next Week (11/16 - 11/20)11/13/2020

Update L: Increase in COVID-19 - Hybrid Learning for Next Week

Update K: Self Monitoring Protocol - Flow Chart for Families11/4/2020
Update J: Arrival/Dismissal Times for In Person 100% - Beginning November 9th 11/3/2020
Update I: Return to 100% In Person School K-811/3/2020
Update H: Weather Related Closures as Remote Learning Days 11/1/2020
Update G: Return to In-Person & COVID-19


Update F: Assessments For Remote Learners Only10/08/2020
Update E: Zoom Authentication Requirement9/18/2020
Update D: Feedback Next Week9/18/2020
Update C: Zoom Information9/14/2020
Update B: Device Clarification 9/7/2020
Update A: Zoom Meeting Rules9/6/2020
COVID Monitoring Process9/4/2020
Food Service Survey9/4/2020
Hybrid Model Attendance Expectations9/3/2020
Important Update from School Nurses9/2/2020
Out of State Travel - Letter to Families 8/20/2020
Technology Update & Device Survey 8/17/2020

Cohort Assignment - Letter to Families


Clarification - Nov 9th Target Date - Letter to Families 8/11/2020
November 9th Target Date Return to 100% in-person learning - Letter to Families8/10/2020
Hybrid Model Chosen - Letter to Families8/3/2020
InformationDate Posted
Flow Chart - I have COVID-19 symptoms. When can I go back to school?11/4/2020, updated 2/28/2021
Flow Chart (STUDENTS) - Can my child go to school today?11/4/2020, updated 1/6/2021
Flow Chart (FACULTY/STAFF) - Can I go to work at the school today?11/4/2020, updated 1/6/2021
Google Outage Update & Text Messaging Service 11/4/2020, updated 1/6/2021
Latest NewsDate Posted
PresentationsDate Posted
21-22 COVID-19 Health Presentation to BPS Staff8/30/2021
COVID-19 Health Presentation to BPS Staff8/31/2020
COVID-19 Facilities Presentation to BPS Staff8/31/2020