Parent/Student Web Portal

Parents and guardians of students in the Brookfield Public School District can view student progress through PowerSchool, the District’s student information system. PowerSchool is used to schedule classes, take attendance, store grades, produce transcripts, report cards, and more.

PowerSchool “brings together teachers, students, parents and administrators” in an easy to use web-based data system.  The Public Portal may be accessed from any location that has Internet access. The application uses a secure link that encrypts the data to and from the end user.

If logging into a mobile device please use ZXKD for the district code.

Parent/Student Login Screen

Getting Started:

Parents and Guardians will receive Access ID's & Access Passwords along with directions on setting up their account.  If you did not receive your Access ID & Access Password, please contact your child's school.  BHS Students will receive  a Password & Username for logging into PowerSchool.

  1. Parent/Student Login Screen
  2. Create a Parent/Guardian Account
  3. Demographic & Email Changes in the Parent Portal
  4. User Guide
  5. Parent Single Sign-On
  6. Logging-In Questions
  7. Recover Username and/or Password
  8. FAQs