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Change PasswordHow to change your PowerAdmin password
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 Quick Export of student data
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 Print Extra Mailing Labels
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Tips & Tricks:

  • Power Admin Login
  • Do Not Use The Back Button - Use the breadcrumb navigation or Menus
  • Change Password - Click Personalize, Interface, Change Password
  • Enable Smart Search - Click Personalize, Interface, check the box for Enable Smart Search
  • Help Section - PowerSchool has a detailed Help Section. Click the Help button in the top right corner of your screen next to your name
  • Sign Out - It is important to correctly sign out of PowerSchool. Click the Sign Out button in top right corner of the screen
  • Return To Start Page - Regardless of where you are in PowerSchool you can always return to the Start Page by clicking the Powerschool Logo in top left corner of screen
  • Master Schedule - Display schedules for all of your teachers in your school by clicking Master Schedule in left navigation on home page. Select criteria, and click Submit
  • Absentee Report - Generate an Absentee Report by clicking Attendance from left navigation on home page. Select criteria, click Submit
  • Use the ";" semi-colon to separate multiple search criteria. ex. Searching for females in grade 5. gender=f;grade_level=5
  • Use the Contains comparator when searching for students that have a hyphen in their home phone number.  Enter the following code in the Student Search box -  home_phone contains -
  • To find students that are not enrolled in period 1. Enter the code in the Student Search box. *not_enrolled_in_period=1
  •  An easy way to view a student's absences is to use the Quicklookup screen. Click the total absences link.  You will get a list of absences as well as date (BHS click each course)