Student Information Update

Annual Consent and Review for the 2021-2022 School Year 


During this time - June 21th -  August 6th -parents/guardians are required to review & update student contact information, review district policies and also complete health and athletic forms within the PowerSchool Parent Portal.   

Please note:  If you haven’t already done so, please log in to review & complete the following pages.    Even if your contact information remains the same, there is a parent sign-off at the bottom of each page, plus several acknowledgements that are REQUIRED every year.  



The Annual Consent and Review process replaces a number of forms that in the past, parents/guardians had to review, complete, sign and send back to the school. The site provides a place for online entry, and integrates with our other systems. The streamlined, paper-free process has not only saved our district time and money, but has also improved the accuracy of our data.

Parents and guardians access the web pages within the PowerSchool Parent Portal, then update and review their child's information. It is critical for this information to be up to date in the event of an emergency. The site also provides a place for parents to acknowledge receipt of information and policies, sign up for Athletic programs, and update contact information for receiving parent/guardian email and phone messages. 


All of the pages are populated with your child's current information. You are requested to review/update the following web pages

  • Student Contact Information
  • Digital Locker
  • Health Information
  •  Athletics** . 

Once you have completely reviewed and updated a page, please check the box at the bottom, then click the Submit button. Once you have completed all 3 (or 4**) pages, your child's data will be submitted for processing and your child's Annual Consent and Review process will be complete.  

It is important for the district to maintain accurate contact information for each student and parent/guardian(s) throughout the year. Following the initial update window each July, parents/guardians may return and update information (email addresses, phone numbers and text numbers) whenever necessary. 

*Certain changes, such as your home address or changes in legal guardianship, will require confirmation via documentation, which must be provided to the registrar at your student’s school.. Complete all changes on-line first and then contact the registrar for other changes. 

** The Athletics page is only available to students entering grades 5-12.  The HEALTH INFORMATION page must be completed before the ATHLETICS page.

The Student Contact Information page contains the phones numbers and email addresses used by our School Messenger parent notification system. The district uses this notification system to communicate both routine messages (i.e. school events and reminders) as well as emergency messages (school closures or other serious safety concerns) to parents and guardians. The parent notification system allows the school district to communicate information in an effective and timely manner.  

Please note, if you are having trouble receiving notification emails, please add to your email Contacts or Address Book. Also, check your spam/junk mail folder for emails from that address, and add it to your "safe" senders list” to ensure that emails from the School Messenger parent notification system are successfully delivered to your Inbox.


I have already updated the information for one of my children. Why must the update be performed individually for each student?
There is important information which needs to be reviewed and acknowledged for each student individually, such as Medical Information, Emergency Contact Information, Handbooks and Athletics. Therefore, it is necessary to log in and perform the review and update for each student.

Who do I contact if I have additional questions?
For further assistance, please call your student's school.