Update L-1: Chromebook & Device Information for 21-22 School Year

Chromebook & Device Information for 21-22 School Year

Update L-1: Chromebook & Device Information for 21-22 School Year

Dear Parents, Guardians, and Families,

Brookfield Public Schools will once again support students that choose to participate in our BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) program.  Students are welcome to bring their own device to use in school as needed or as requested by your child’s teacher(s).  Information regarding minimum device requirements, permission forms, and other pertinent information will be sent to you from the principals of each school, if it has not already been sent.

The 1:1 program for grades 8-12 will continue this year as it has in years past.  More information will come from our secondary principals, Mr. Renda and Mr. Balanda regarding payment, device pickup, and distribution. 

Due to ongoing concerns regarding COVID this school year and the need to continue utilizing Google Classroom and various technology resources, we will once again provide students with devices in grades K-7 as needed.  This year, there will be no distributions scheduled for parents to obtain district Chromebooks.  Instead, devices will be available in and signed out through every classroom for students to utilize during the school day and/or to take home if needed.  Principals will also provide specific details regarding device assignments.  This will take place during the first few weeks of school.

To summarize, please be on the lookout for communications from your school principal regarding Chromebooks and Device usage for the 21-22 school year.   

We are excited to offer this opportunity for our students.  

Thank you for your attention.


Eric Conklin 

Director of Technology