Daily Operations

Huckleberry Hill Elementary School Daily Operations and Procedures  

Regular School Hours: 8:40am – 3:25pm

Parent Drop-off: Upper Level – Front of School

Bus Drop-off: Lower Level – Back of School

During the first few days of school, staff will be available to assist students upon arrival.

Dismissal: 3:25pm

Parent Pick-up: Upper Gym (Next to front door)

We strongly encourage families to use the bus service.


Parent drop-off begins at 8:30am at the main entrance.

Students driven to school are to be dropped off at the main entrance.

 Drivers please follow this procedure:

  1. Pull up to the sidewalk in front of the school.
  2. Students get out of the car on the right side (sidewalk side) and proceed to the entrance.
  3. Follow the traffic around the circle and exit the parking lot.

* If you need to accompany your child into the building, please park in a visitor space before entering the building.

* Please do not drop off any earlier than 8:30am as there is no adult supervision to keep the children safe.

* After 8:48am your child is considered tardy. Please bring your child into the building to sign them in.

 We strongly encourage families to use the bus service.


Parent pick-up begins at approximately 3:25pm.

Please Note: Students cannot be released between 3:00pm and 3:30pm unless we have written notice of a scheduled appointment or extenuating circumstances

Parents may pick up students after bus dismissal due to parking lot congestion and safety issues.

 Please follow this procedure:  

  •  Please be sure to have identification with you.
  •  Park in the lot.  
  •  Proceed to the upper gym to sign out your child.

All students must be signed out each day.

Parking Is Very Limited – if you are visiting during the school day please park in visitor spaces only. Parking is not allowed around the island! 

Dismissal Plans

Please complete the attached dismissal plan and return with your child on the first day of school.  

Please check and update student information in the Parent Portal.  

If there is a planned change in pick-up for your child, you must send in a Blue Note on the day of the change. Students will not be dismissed to an alternate party without written authorization from a parent/guardian.