Lunch Schedules

Lunch Schedules

HHES Community Lunch Schedule - Regular School Day

Community 2B - Ms. Hartel, Mrs. LoConte, Mrs. Pink, Mrs. Prizio, and Mrs. Stubbs   10:55am- 11:15am

Community 3A - Mrs. Clifford, Mrs. Johnson, Ms. McGlynn, and Mrs. Ranieri    11:20am - 11:40am

Community 4A - Miss Burch, Mrs. Morgan, Mrs. Nason, and Mrs. Walsh   11:45am - 12:05pm

Community 4B - Mr. Chiti, Miss Cookfair, Mrs. Rajcula, Mrs. Tolle, and Mrs Tullis   12:10pm - 12:30pm

Community 3B - Ms. Nelson, Mrs. Paltauf, Mrs. Schaab, and Mrs. Tartaro   12:35pm - 12:55pm

Community 2A - Miss Alberse, Mrs. Benz, Mrs. Hackett, and Mrs Plue  1:00pm - 1:20pm