What is SRBI?

In July 2009, Connecticut adopted a mandate requiring early intervention for all students. This initiative is referred to as Response to Intervention, or RTI, on a national level. Connecticut has developed this initiative as SRBI, Scientific Research-Based Instruction, and requires each school district to have a systematic approach for implementation of support.

SRBI is a general education, comprehensive and systematic approach to assessing and instructing students; an emphasis is placed on students whose progress indicates a need for intervention. The goal is to provide a seamless structure of instruction/intervention so all students experience continuous growth. SRBI provides early intervention for general education students in need of academic or behavioral support. Connecticut's SRBI plan is based on a three tier model of intervention.

For a complete explanation of the three tier model follow this link to the Connecticut SRBI framework online. Please also see the "Family Guide to SRBI" document posted below.

This specialized, small-group instruction (frequently called “intervention”) can take place either within the classroom setting or in alternative settings such as the math or reading rooms. At Huckleberry Hill, these services are generally delivered during students’ extra learning time (ELT), and are provided in addition to the daily core instruction students receive in the classroom. The format for intervention is typically small group instruction several times a week; this instruction targets specific skills and can be provided by a variety of school staff members including the math resource teacher, reading specialists and others with specialized instructional experience. By utilizing the skills of a variety of staff, we can best meet the needs of every student.