Literacy and Math

Literacy SRBI at Huckleberry Hill


Tier One: All children receive high-quality, differentiated classroom instruction. As part of the curriculum, all students are assessed on a regular basis to monitor their progress towards grade level goals.

Tier Two: In addition to tier one classroom instruction, students who need additional assistance meeting grade level goals receive targeted intervention as either a push in or pull out service. These small groups (including no more than 5 students) meet 2-3 times per week with paraprofessionals and/or reading specialists.

Tier Three: Students who need more intensive interventions receive either push in or pull out services. These small groups (including no more than 3 students) meet 4-5 times per week with reading specialists.


During the beginning of the school year, classroom teachers spend time getting to know their students on an individual basis and detailing students’ strengths and areas for growth. At the same time, teachers use a variety of assessments to identify each of our learner's specific strengths and needs. Additional math unit assessments are completed multiple times over the course of the year to monitor progress towards grade level expectations. Based on these assessments, students are provided with appropriate instruction in order to maximize their academic performance.

Prior to intervention beginning, families are notified about the need for support and the area(s) of focus. The math resource teacher and classroom teacher will confer often to monitor students’ performance. We will also keep you informed of your child’s progress on a regular basis.

If you have any questions regarding your child’s math performance please contact your child’s classroom teacher.



If you have any questions regarding your child’s reading performance please contact your child’s classroom teacher.