PowerTeacher FAQs

How do I enter grades for a student who has dropped my class?

When a student is dropped, their records do not leave your gradebook. Instead, they are filtered out of your active student list into your dropped student list. To display information for dropped students:

  1. Launch PowerTeacher Gradebook.
  2. Select a class from the Classes area.
  3. Select the Scoresheets tab is you wish to view the assignment scores for a dropped student. Select the Students tab if you want to view general information about the student.
  4. In the Student Groups area, change 'Hightlight Selected' to 'Filter Selected' in the dropdown menu to see the grades for the dropped students.
  5. Select the Dropped filter. Only dropped students will show in the Scoresheet and Students tabs and you can add/edit the records as usual.

How do I add extra credit without penalizing the students who don't do it?

You need to enter extra credit as a new assignment and leave the total points at zero. In the Scoresheet tab, enter points for this assignment if the student earns extra credit. This will not affect the rest of the class, but will boost that student's grade. You can also simply give students more than the total value of the assignment. So, if your assignment was worth 25 points, you can put 29 into the scoresheet for that assignment and the gradebook will count that as extra credit. This is done in the Add Assignments field. There is a spot for Points Possible and then Extra Points as well. When you enter extra points, the Max Points automatically updates to reflect those changes.

How do I weight terms? I would like Q1 at 40%, Q2 at 40% and the Final Exam at 20%.

To weight grades, click on the Grade Setup tab. Select S1 in the top half of your screen and select Term Weights at the bottom. Change the weight of Q1 to 40, Q2 to 40 and E1 to 20. You should see your percentages change to reflect those numbers. Click Save when done.

What is the process for changing a stored grade?

If a stored Marking Period, Final Exam or Semester grade needs to be changed during the current school year, it must be processed by both the teacher and the building data technician.  

  1. The teacher must make the correction in their PowerTeacher Grade Book. This must be done to ensure proper gradebook calculations.
  2. The teacher must complete a grade change form  and return it to the building data technician in order to change the "official" stored grade in PowerSchool.

How do I copy an assignment from one section to another?

In the Assignments tab, click on the assignment you wish to copy. Click on the Tools Menu at the top and select Copy Assignment. Put a check in the box next to the assignments. Click NEXT. Select sections to copy assignment into.