Ten Tips for Parents

Parents can share in a child’s world language experience whether or not they far familiar with the language their child is studying. Here are some suggestions provided by Brookfield High School teachers:

  • Be enthusiastic, supportive and inquisitive about your child’s world language adventure.
  • Ask your child frequently even daily what he did in class that day. Have him explain how the day’s lesson fit into the overall language experience as he sees it.
  • There are assignments everyday. Monitor your child’s homework. Ask to see the finished product.
  • Encourage your child to use the tape recorder for practice. Students enjoy hearing themselves on tape and can easily create useful exercises. For example, the student records a list of vocabulary in English, pausing after each word, before supplying the foreign language translation. When playing the tape back, the student gives the foreign language translation for each English work and hears his pre-recorded answer allowing him to further practice.
  • Encourage your child to cut out pictures of vocabulary he’s learning. Keep a collection in a 3 ring binder; this becomes a picture dictionary. More advanced students can put words into personalized, meaningful sentences and stories.
  • Give your child frequent vocabulary drills at home. The more often the vocabulary is used the better it is retained. Don’t forget to review old vocabulary too. Grammar and vocabulary drills from the Ven Conmigo text are available through www.quia.com and http://go.hrw.com. For specific grammar or vocabulary practice visit www.studyspanish.com.
  • Ask your child to name items around the house after he has had certain lessons. He’ll enjoy being the teacher and everyone can join in the fun.
  • There are a number of TV and radio programs offered in foreign languages. Encourage your child to listen for correct pronunciation and familiar words and phrases.
  • Encourage your child to read homework or exercises on tape. Put it aside and listen to it later. Can he recognize what is said?