Technology Facility

The following links contain photographs (coming soon) and information concerning each rooms, computers labs available in the district.  These pages will be updated as rooms change or additions are made to the facilities.

Center Elementary School

Classroom - Location
Preschool5 iPads
Kindergarten5 iPads in each Classroom
1st Grade5 iPads in each Classroom
Multi Purpose Room - Lab25 Computers

Bretford Cart with 12 iPads

Huckleberry Elementary SchoolClassroom - Location
2nd Grade10 iPads in each Classroom
3rd Grade7 Chromebooks in each Classroom
4th Grade7 Chromebooks in each Classroom
Library25 Chromebooks, 2 Laptops & 1 Circulation Desktop. 1 Poster Maker Printer
Computer Lab 60025 CPU'S
Computer Lab 40025 CPU'S
Music RoomCart with 24 iPads & 2 Mac Pro's
Whisconier Middle School

Classroom - Location

5th through 8th Grade5 Chromebooks in each Classroom
Library25 PC & 25 Chromebooks
7th & 8th Grade Computer Lab29 CPU'S
5th Grade Computer Lab

29 CPU'S

6th Grade Computer Lab29 CPU'S
Instructional Lab15 CPU'S
Brookfield High SchoolClassroom - Location
1-1 iPad for all studentGrades 11 - 12
AuditoriumAuditorium down by the Gyms
Chromebooks for studentGrades 9 - 10
Library30 Computers, 25 Netbooks
Lab 10126 Computers
Computer Lab 10825 CPU'S
English Lab 30730 CPU'S
Computer Lab 24028 CPU'S
Computer Lab 23930 CPU'S
World Language Lab30 CPU'S & Teacher Workstation
Deca Classroom 2376 CPU'S

Town School Offices

Classroom - Location
Curriculum Room Smartboard,Smart Kapp Board & Laptop

All instruction classroom are equip with Projectors, Mimeo Inactive devise or a Smart Board Technology.

All 4 schools are equip with wireless access points.