PAWS and Think.


Huckleberry Hill Purpose Statement

     At Huckleberry Hill Elementary School, we are committed to creating a student-centered learning community.  School staff and families partner to nurture thoughtful, respectful, curious children, in fulfilling their potential.  Our students become responsible, critically-thinking citizens who care for themselves, others, and the world around them.

Our Beliefs

  • Huckleberry Hill provides a supportive, nurturing, accepting environment that celebrates each student’s strengths, successes, and achievements.
  • We recognize that children have different learning styles, and we differentiate instruction to meet the range of learning needs in the classroom.
  • We encourage all children to be active, motivated members of their classroom learning communities, and to grow as critical and creative problem-solvers.
  • We offer only research-based programs which are aligned with Connecticut’s Common Core Standards.  
  • We honor parents as our children’s first teachers, and we build meaningful and cooperative partnerships with parents in support of their child’s education.
  • We model respect for and understanding of children’s individual differences and special needs at all times.
  • Here at Huckleberry Hill, everyone takes responsibility for their own actions and words.

School Motto

At Huckleberry Hill Elementary School we practice kindness, act responsibly, work hard and show respect because we are a caring community.  

Code of Conduct - P.A.W.S.                                                                                     

P.A.W.S. defines the behavior expectations that all students and all adults follow so that we can build and sustain a positive learning environment in our school.  P.A.W.S. is something we do everyday--we P.A.W.S. and Think before we act!

            P.-- stands for   “Practice Kindness”

            A.-- stands for   “Act Responsibly”

            W.-- stands for  “Work Hard”

            S.-- stands for   “Show Respect”

P.A.W.S. reminds us of how we all should be treated and how we should treat each other.  We practice P.A.W.S. at all times and in these places:

  • In the classroom
  • On the playground
  • On the school bus
  • In the cafeteria
  • In the library media center and computer room
  • In the gymnasium
  • In the restrooms
  • In the hallways

Students will be engaged by their teachers and principals in specific lessons designed to help them fully understand and comply with P.A.W.S. expectations.  

Some general behavior rules which children are expected to follow are:

  • Follow directions of the adults at all times.
  • Move through the hallways in an orderly and quiet manner.
  • Use appropriate language at all times.
  • Use materials and equipment appropriately and safely.
  • Use words, not force, to resolve conflicts.
  • Remember to practice kindness, to act responsibly, to work hard, and to show respect at all times!  P.A.W.S. and Think!  


PAWS and Think.