CT COLT Poetry Contest

The Poetry Recitation Contest is an annual event for students in grades 7-12 to showcase their languages of study and/or their heritage language. Last year, we had over 500 students participating from over 40 schools. It is a wonderful opportunity for our students across the state. For more information, please visit the link above to our www.ctcolt.org website where you will find the rules, guidelines, and slates of poems for this year's contest.

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2019 COLT Poetry Contest Results

The BHS students who earned awards at the 2019 COLT Poetry Contest were as follows:

Katelyn Preston - 2nd place Spanish Level 4
María Maciel - 2nd place Portuguese Heritage
Julia Roberto - 2nd place Spanish Level 3 and 3rd place Portuguese Heritage

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The following students represented BHS in the COLT World Language Poetry Contest on Thursday, April 26, 2018 at Southington High School:

Victoria Androsz
Michael Baines
Sebastian Batista
Shaelynn Diamond
Alexandra Fitzgerald
Olivia Kappel
Elizabeth Rudinskaya

The 2017-2018 winners were:

Shaelynn Diamond - 3rd Place ELL
Victoria Androsz - 3rd Place Polish

The 2016-2017 winners were:

Lucas De Carvalho (3rd Place - Portuguese Heritage)
Danielle Calabrese (3rd Place - Spanish 4)
Alexandra Fitzgerald (2nd Place - Spanish 6)
Maya Goode (3rd Place - Spanish Heritage)
Crystal Rivas (2nd Place - Spanish Heritage)

The 2015-2016 winners were:

Giovanni Sinta - 1st place Spanish Heritage Middle School
Sebastian Batista - 2nd place Spanish Heritage Middle School