College Application Process


Seniors -  Use the Application Process Checklist to make sure you’re completing the necessary steps when applying to college, and refer to the Detailed Guide to the College Application Process if you have additional questions.


TRANSCRIPTS :  Transcript request forms must be submitted to the Counseling Office at least 10 school days prior to a deadline. 

College Application


--Match your Common Application and Naviance accounts by completing all tasks  outlined on the front page of the Application Process Checklist.

--Ask teachers in person at least 2 weeks in advance, and then request them on Naviance if they agree to write the letter. Please be mindful that teachers often spend a good deal of time composing these letters, and they often are writing letters for several students at the same time. Please be respectful of their time and thank them for their assistance.

--Counselor letters are requested on the transcript request form, NOT through Naviance., Remember to complete the Student and Parent Input forms on Naviance, update your resume in Naviance or share a copy with your counselor and Mrs. Lungariello, and submit the Transcript Request form on time. Detailed directions can be found on the checklist and transcript request form.


If any colleges require official score reports as part of the application process, request those scores through College Board (for the SAT) or ACT. 

Mrs. Lungariello is here to help, so stop by the Counseling Office to set up an appointment with her!